Does this happen to you? As Often??

Sometimes, I get a little too paranoid.
Some other times, a little more excited than I normally should.
This unwarranted burst of extreme paranoia/mania subsides quickly though.
Perhaps this happens because I am a little (read: lot) self-centered.
Or maybe the whole issue is a bugbear of sorts that happens when my sub-conscience decides to take a little nap which, I figure happens quite a lot these days.
Maybe I am getting into a spiritual trance without my knowledge. 😀

Without further ado, Let me elaborate,
One of these days, I was filling out an application form and I was writing in my first name.
(For all the misinformed, It’s N.i.r.a.n.j.a.n :D)
I was quite elated to see that my name entirely fit the eight boxes that were given.
Wow! The first name’s column width is based on my first name. How cool is that?!
I was secretly rejoicing, repeating unto myself – ‘Die, you long-named bastards! Die, just die!!’
But it was not to be.
When I came back to the senses, I realized I was filling my first name in the ‘Date’ section.

Another case of unwarranted paranoia/excitement.
I have this compulsive fear.
That I might place time wrongly.
(Not to be read as ‘That I might be placed in time wrongly’. Thats anachronism and I wouldn’t have missed a chance to use that word :P)
I fear that I might forget what the short and the long hands stand for and I fear that I might read the time wrong.
To be more safe, I read two times every time I read an analog watch.. One for the short-hand representing the hour hand; the other reading with the long-hand representing the hour-hand.
And then I kinda take a calculated guess to figure which of these two is right.
Yes, That means if you lock me up in a room for more than 12 hours and ask me what the time is, you’d either think I went insane ’cause of claustrophobia or that I am time-travelling.

Today when I caught a glimpse of my watch, an analog cum digital one, much to my misfortune, Only the analog positions registered.
As if that wasn’t unfortunate enough, I took just one reading. Not two, but one.
Maybe I wasn’t that drunk today.
Or Maybe I didn’t really have a dual-core CPU, just one multi-tasking!
Either ways, the time I read was 4:00.
And I was like, cool.. 1.5 more hours, I’ll be outta office.

My excitement was short-lived though.
Soon, I come back to senses again… I see I’ve just come out after a shower.
So I read the time again, this time [;)] I read both times for good measure.
And with my genius intellect, I surmise it’s 10:30. 😀 😀

There’s no way 10:30 would appear as 4:00 you say?
Then you probably don’t know that I sometimes read the time upside down. 😀 😀

Maybe I am a little ‘tube-lighty’ 😀
Well, Atleast that’s better than throwing my newspaper for not being able to tell the time by looking at the bottom-right corner of it.
OOPS! Did I just say that out aloud?! :O 😀 😉

Niranjan Nagaraju

I am Vini – Vini The Pooh aka Niranjan. I am a little “sheep in the big city”. A self-proclaimed atheist, freelance writer and cartoonist; The latter two are an avocation as yet, but I believe they really are my medium. Oh, and I code for a living. :)


  1. Good good. Very nice blog Vini 🙂 This is the proof tat u r tube-light 🙂 U r like Calvin lookin at watch b4 goin school 😉 He he and asks Hobbes if it is correct or not 😛

  2. hehe nice blog vini..:D but i still wonder how you thought 10:30 in the morning to be 4 in the evening! probably u should use the sun dial. kings in ancient times used to see time using the sun dial …that way u may not lose track of morning and evening atleast 😀

    one doubt does unwarranted paranoia be a consequence of bein self centered???

    anyways its 8:54AM in the bottom right of this page and i am late to office as usual 😀 bye bye
    enjoy! time’s ticking ! 😀

  3. I see you anyway used the word ‘Anachronism’ there ;). Yeah, Blogger’s Rule No.27: Never miss a chance to use fancy words 😀

    And newspaper,eh??? Shouldn’t we add BT there instead? 😛 😀

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