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Mind your Language


I generally am a man of few words, largely due to my limited vocabulary! 🙂
And even so I normally manage to communicate fairly well.
(Though I resort to gestures most of the times, if not everytime)

That said, there’s something that pretty much gets onto my nerves.
Overly ornate language!
Yes siree.. The use of bombastic language in verbal communication!!
Perhaps, I’d appreciate it in written works. But oral communication??
And no sir, preparing for GRE is no excuse.


An experiment with the coiffure!


I guess the devil made me do it. I hadn’t cut my hair for much too long a time. And apparently, the hair seems to have developed into some kinda intelligent life form, I believe. (Well, May not be so intelligent, as it was 1 of my offshoots after all!! :D)
They whispered things into my brain. Brainwashed me into believing to ever even think of cutting them short.

And as days progressed, they needed to look hep. So the voices in my head spoke again –
They asked ‘Why don’t u straighten ur hair?’
Ah, yes. why don’t I?
Might just cost me a little fortune.
Add to it the endless sarcasm I have to face.
And the perennial difficulties I may have to cope with, driving everyday;


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