There once lived a geek who earned his living writing programs.
And write programs did He.. Dusk ’til dawn, Dawn ’til dusk, Ad infinitum.

And Yet somehow, after all was said and done and He hit ‘compile’,
The GCC, the ICC and all the compilers alike, refused to comply.
Write better code the next time around, They all spat unequivocally.

Undaunted and relentless that He was, He went on to write device drivers.
The great kernels came and went. The 2.2 to 2.4 through 2.6.
But surprisingly and quite expectedly, they just couldn’t stop the perpetual seg-faults.
Yet, There just was no stopping ‘Him‘; Irregardless of how much they all implored.

Then there came a time, When Lobotomy was just not enough to save His God-forsaken computers.
He then chose to retire.
But having absolutely zero career skills beyond the programming realm,
(Not that I am implying He had any in computer science, per se)
He concurred He might as well die.