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Can you beat that?


Turns out I was largely in demand this day.
This one Tuesday; This one bloody tuesday!

And I was a tad bit late making it to office at 11:30am. 😉
My manager had been looking for me the entire morning.
I learnt from my colleague soon after I reached.


Look mom.. My first Haskell code


These days I am trying my hardest to learn Haskell.
Found these 2 great online resources Real World Haskell and Learn You a Haskell.

An attempt to solve a rather simple problem from codechef took me close to 2 days.
Not due to the lack of looping constructs..
Nor because I cannot think recursively.
But primarily due to the fact that Haskell doesn’t make it easy to mix pure and impure code.
It took me quite a while to understand that a little monadic constructs such as mapM, forM exists. And the let bindings for sprinkling pure code in between impure code.


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