I guess the devil made me do it. I hadn’t cut my hair for much too long a time. And apparently, the hair seems to have developed into some kinda intelligent life form, I believe. (Well, May not be so intelligent, as it was 1 of my offshoots after all!! :D)
They whispered things into my brain. Brainwashed me into believing to ever even think of cutting them short.

And as days progressed, they needed to look hep. So the voices in my head spoke again –
They asked ‘Why don’t u straighten ur hair?’
Ah, yes. why don’t I?
Might just cost me a little fortune.
Add to it the endless sarcasm I have to face.
And the perennial difficulties I may have to cope with, driving everyday;

But what do I care?
If I am so smart, My brain wouldn’t hurt when I think so deep. 😀

And I so did. A full 3K down the drain.. But that was not all.. I had to buy the conditioners and the shampoo to maintain it. Another 1.5K. Woof! And I go to all the trouble, Do I get some much deserved respect??

well, thats the sad part…

It was weird.. It was fun.. It was cool.. Only for a while.
Over time, All was not well, however!

The surprised stares people gave me everytime I took off my helmet.. Words fail me when I try to describe. At the gas stations, at the traffic signals, at restaurants; Just about any public place you could name. Seems like they were hoping to see a beautiful girl.. And I show my face out and shatter their miserable dreams! 😀
The fact that I am just a few inches (read millimeters) above 5 feet maybe kinda made them arrive at a fuzzy conclusion that I was a Venusian.

Driving’s been real tough though, having to brush aside my hair everytime I notice a pretty lady along the sidewalk to have a clear view of her.. or the times I had to brush the hair in, everytime a traffic cop’s in sight. I have been driving without a license for quite sometime now. And I didn’t want to be an easy bait. I’m certainly not game to pay for the traffic violation, but if the guy is in need of some serious money, He better earn it through his distinguishing abilities (the ability to distinguish me, even when in disguise, I mean! 😉 :P)

The other day, when I was really disturbed and I was driving like crazy taking a zig-zag path. An elderly guy stopped me and said, “Lady, Drive carefully!”.

And this guy at the gas station, he must have seen me a million times; Yet he always addresses me asking –
“How many litres of petrol, ma’am?”
I say, What the heck?!
Not once; Not twice.. But a Billion times, He has done that!!!

I do have a certain hunch He does it only to piss me off.
For it is natural for anyone to be confused the first time. But every other time??
Maybe I am too variant a personality.. But my scooty pep?? It doesn’t change its color every other day. And its much too health conscious to lose or gain weight. Alright, it’s a li’l difficult to distinguish considering the layers of dust on it, accumulated over days. But hey, that alone is enough evidence to concur it’s mine. 😀

I personally am all against sexual discrimination and stuff, so much so that I can actually call myself a feminist.:D
All men are, somehow! 😉
But I must draw the line when it comes to calling a guy, girl.

And another day, Ramya was taking me to some place. Not wanting to risk my life being her pillion rider, I chose to follow her in my scooty pep as she drove in her activa. Rainy season it was, the pavements were all water-logged. Suddenly she was nowhere to be seen. And I had no friggin’ idea as to how to reach the place. And so in my bid to accelerate and catch up with her, I happened to splash sludge from a swamped pothole, on this guy driving a scooter.
Now, I had all the more reason to accelerate and I was running away as fast as I could from him, pretending not to hear him yelling and swearing. Much to my bad luck, the approaching traffic lights signaled red. And I did well to hide myself from this guy as he rode past me towards the front of the line. I still sought refuge behind a stupid looking auto.

And much to my misfortune, Ramya too was right at the front of the traffic line just beside the scooter guy. Now here’s the lady whom I call my “Baby Sister”, for she is overly protective of me like any good sister in the world is;
Only that she has this uncanny knack of getting me in trouble sometimes, if not everytime; with her babyish pranks.
As if that’s not enough trouble for me, she ‘genuinely’ tries to help me a few times.. I’d appreciate her kindness with all my heart.. I really would. if only they don’t get me in deeper trouble. Like it did on that day.

She happened to notice me hiding behind the auto; And I was like imploring her..
‘please don’t call me’.
‘please don’t show any signs of you knowing me; The guy next to you is mad at me’.
She never seemed to understand and started waving at me and beckoned me to come over where she is, saying there’s space for my scooty pep.
Such benevolence!! X(
The scooter guy didn’t seem to miss this and He instantly realized that she knew me.

Great! Just great!!
I could rather have stopped my scooty pep right when I splashed some mud on Him. Prostrated ‘fore Him, handed Him a whip and begged Him to beat me to death and help me serve the purpose of my wretched existence!

I so reluctantly drove forward. Driving on my legs i.e like the flintstones albeit not so fast, lest I happen to catch up with Him ‘fore the lights go green. Meanwhile, The guy has had enough common sense to figure out that I ain’t gonna make it to the front line in time for Him to blast me. He got all the more mad.
From a distance, I could hear him shouting at Ramya saying – “That friend of yours, she is much too arrogant! I am gonna break every bone in her body!!”
I was like, what?? And I just had opened my mouth to say, “Oh yeah, You want a piece of me, huh huh? huh huh??”..
But then I stopped short.. Wait a minute. Did He just address me as a ‘she’??
OMG! Then there’s absolutely no way I could have got that one right.
The last thing I wanted on earth was to see Him grinning slyly after I have sworn at him, as though it was a pickup line or something!
(Now that’s something we ‘feminists’ must take a note of. We have got to invent new swear words for the fairer sex without getting them into embarrassing situations as these. No kidding, this!)

All said and done, I must admit I did appreciate the attention.
For there’s no such thing as bad publicity, is there? 😀
And over time as the hair got really unwieldy on windy days; I had to tie a pony tail out of it.
My manager mockingly used to threaten me saying – “If ya don’t work hard, I’ll cut ur pony off”. hehehe.
And things were starting to get out of hand. I was much too low on money to maintain the straightening.

I so finally cut my hair, one not-so-fine day.

And much to my surprise, a girl at office I’d never talked to hitherto approached and talked to me. However, it was nothing short of a death threat.. She said if I am ever to revert back to my previous hairstyle, She’d kill me twice..
But what the heck! After all, It’s not everyday when a girl outside of your own group comes and talks to you, unsolicited at that!
Boy, talk about luck!
A small victory perhaps, but a victory nevertheless!! 😉 😀

PS: Out of the goodness of my heart and also in order to comply with blogger rules, I refrain myself from uploading a pic of mine with the coiffure! 😀

PPS: Just Kidding!!

PPPS: Or maybe not!!! 😀