The mighty oceans of the world ran sere.
The flora had withered.
The cattle wallowed with no discernible source of sustenance.

The forests of the world seemed to have started a conflagration on their own.
With no end in sight, It seemed to be redolent of a ghastly holocaust.

The Earth people stared bewildered, at the merciless dilapidation.
There can only be one explanation. But it just made no sense.
None at all.

What atrocious act of theirs had the Gods displeased?
Not a chance, not a scintilla of chance for that to have had happened.

Their once furtive brotherhood has now risen to power.
The holiest brethren need not skulk about anymore.
Now that the world is united under their monotheistic principles.
Now that the infidels were slain, the atheists, the blasphemers and the heretics alike, burnt at the stake. Billions sacrificed for world peace and to restore order.
And deservingly so.

All that remained were them, the relics of the sacred past.
Them pious lots and their unwavering faith.

Now, there can never be a breach of the code.
Now, the holy scriptures will be followed down to the last detail.
The Gods now had their unquestioned servile obedience.
The Gods must be most pleased.

Yet, there was a rather uneasy question lingering around.
Had it all been in vain?
Why then, were they being punished?

In the “Heavens”, the Gods convoked a meeting.
The Gods, it seemed were not amused.

The alien starship shuddered from the activity within.
Invisibility had been their perfect cover.
Yet, inevitably sometimes, they let themselves be seen.

The sightings, it seemed, had the human imaginations flare.
It was no coincidence that these silicon life forms bore uncanny resemblance to the Gods depicted in the scriptures of the Earth people.

The “Gods” hailed from a distant star system.
Life as they knew it, in their own world had come to a standstill. Literally.
The process of evolution, in their home planet, it seemed had “completed”.
There had never been a death amongst their ilk, for millions of years.
Their energy reserves had been perpetual.
Their understanding of the evolution process came from their studies.

It seemed hard to believe that life originated as a tiny little cell and gradually evolved into more sophisticated life forms.
Their media and literature had descriptions of what were called “Fossils” and placed them as evidences for the existence of intermediate life forms. They were also reported to have been depleted before their current nuclear technology came into being.

The silicon life forms sought to study the evolution process.
They had to scrutinize it, one way or the other.

With their own home planet ruled out of their study for obvious reasons, a batch of them were dispatched to find and study similar life sustaining regions of the universe. Places where life had only recently begun so they can observe the process in its full glory.

A contingent of them disembarked on planet Earth.
Several million years ago…

They had watched Carbon-based life flourish on the planet and were largely excited at what they saw. Their jubilation was short-lived though. For an opposing force to nature’s own natural selection suddenly seemed to have gained an upper hand.

Cognitive Dissonance, They called this at their place.
A reactionary force, It was the end of the road for evolution.

Lacking the heart to see the bustling life on Earth come to a pathetic end, They decided that they’d accelerate the process and save the tragedy. They hoped against hope that the life-cycles restart again sometime as they adjusted their laser blaster for the last stage of their onslaught.

Another apocalypse had begun!