Turns out I was largely in demand this day.
This one Tuesday; This one bloody tuesday!

And I was a tad bit late making it to office at 11:30am. 😉
My manager had been looking for me the entire morning.
I learnt from my colleague soon after I reached.

I so promptly walked upto his room and asked if He was looking for me.
He yelled, “You should have been here at 9“.
Why, What happened at 9?” 😉 😀
I was about to ask but stopped short of saying anything when I noticed my name in a pile of papers he held.

Hmmm, if u are guessing it was my pink slip or something, go drink a cup of molten lava. x(
Turns out it was my appraisal letter.
Duh! 😛

Can u imagine?
I was late for my appraisal meeting.
Certainly not something that I am proud of.
Right about now, I feel like shouting out aloud a la Shilly,
Can you beat that?” 😀 😛