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Sexism, Anyone?


I used to be a feminist.
I mean, who wouldn’t like women? 😉
(Unless, O’course they’ve changed the meaning of feminism in the recent years :D)

It can happen, you know?!
I was perusing through Barron’s wordlists, as usual.

And an ordinary day just turned a little suckier as I encountered this –
I quote from Barron’s 23:2 [yeah, That’s wordlist 23, page 2 :P]

Husband(v) – Conserve, Spare, Save.
Husbandry(n) – Frugality, thrift.


Can you beat that?


Turns out I was largely in demand this day.
This one Tuesday; This one bloody tuesday!

And I was a tad bit late making it to office at 11:30am. 😉
My manager had been looking for me the entire morning.
I learnt from my colleague soon after I reached.


Does this happen to you? As Often??


Sometimes, I get a little too paranoid.
Some other times, a little more excited than I normally should.
This unwarranted burst of extreme paranoia/mania subsides quickly though.
Perhaps this happens because I am a little (read: lot) self-centered.
Or maybe the whole issue is a bugbear of sorts that happens when my sub-conscience decides to take a little nap which, I figure happens quite a lot these days.
Maybe I am getting into a spiritual trance without my knowledge. 😀


What’s in a story – Part II


And so the other day at office, I was bored to half-death.
I so surmised I’ll complete the ordeal and Shilly being the most communicative in our group (yes, that’s my euphemism for chatter-box :P) offered to narrate me a story.
I nod-nod-nodded.

Such grave a mistake!
In about a short while after that, all of my seven horcruxes were screeching in pain realizing, albeit a little too late, that they walked right into an Abilene paradox.


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