I generally am a man of few words, largely due to my limited vocabulary! 🙂
And even so I normally manage to communicate fairly well.
(Though I resort to gestures most of the times, if not everytime)

That said, there’s something that pretty much gets onto my nerves.
Overly ornate language!
Yes siree.. The use of bombastic language in verbal communication!!
Perhaps, I’d appreciate it in written works. But oral communication??
And no sir, preparing for GRE is no excuse.

For IMHO, Language is merely a tool for communication.
And the objective must be to make understand the other individual what you say.
And certainly not to get the ind-uh-vidual refer his dictionary for every other word you gabble!

Agreed, “few” words sound good; (PS: Note the emphasis on ‘few’)
The rest are a complete misnomer and almost always turn out to be funny.

I strongly suggest you use such high-flowing language only when you intend to woo a chick.
Well.. That’s a risky business too. Considering chicks these days know better english than the most of us,
It’s better we keep our mouth shut as far as we can lest we say something that’s totally a misfit in the whole sentence;
Worse, She actually might go upto correcting you.
So you see, That’s a lost cause too! 😀

Yet often times, I hit a certain GRE candidate who remembers a word or two from his Barron’s, Kaplan and the likes, blabbers something and quickly buzzes off. And I come home, Attempt to crank up my battery-drained laptop to look up the god-forsaken word(s) only to realize there’s no power.
Great. And I’ll be up all night tryna figuring whatever they meant.

I am a GRE aspirant myself. yet, somehow when people preempt me with such verbiage, I cannot help but get mad!
Perhaps, I am being a li’l overly jealous here.
For a few days now, I have been trying hard to finish one wordlist after another after another.
Hmmm Hmmmmm.. Not quite happening. 🙁
And I so have now adopted a sadistic outlook towards these ‘eloquent‘ speakers!

My roomie for one, who goes by the name of Manju boy, is preparing for his GRE and occasionally comes up to me for discussing a word or two.
His hunch is I finish a wordlist every week.
So naive is He, Apparently, He does not realize it’s the same wordlist I finish every week. 😉
He normally used to ask me to suggest a few random GRE words to test himself or an example to help remember a word.
And I always give him the raunchiest words and the most perverse of the examples, so much so that He from a penny-for-your-thought, has gotten down to a ‘Dollar-and-a-Dime-to-keep-your-foul-mouth-shut’ these days!!
So much for the Hate-GRE movement!! 😀

And this friend of mine, needless to say, another GRE aspirant, mentioned that a certain ind-uh-vidual told her that He’d place her on a pedestal. And she was wondering whatever did it mean. So she asked me.
I had no clue either. I so thought I’d apply my laws of logic. Now, Pedestrians mean people who travel on foot. Therefore, a pedestal perhaps refers to a footpath. So I told her the ind-uh-vidual mighta implied that He’d ‘leave her on the streets’.
It’s a miracle that I am alive to write this blog today after what ensued later.

Then, there’s this other colleague of mine, who happens to be a gadget geek. And.. yes.. a GRE aspirant too.
So the other day, I was asking what’s with all these gadgets and stuff. He says, ‘Man, I can’t live without these contraptions!’ And I heard it as something else.. I had to excuse myself, scurry to a place far off from his sight to LMAO!

Perhaps, I am very sadistic or just plain truculent.
Or disparaging or just plain Paranoid.
Or being an enfant terrible or just plain pedantic.

Noo.. That wouldn’t cut it.
No exaggerated adjectives a la GRE for me.
Just call me Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! 😉 😛