Never knew my little scooty pep had so much against me until what it did to me today.
The poor thing just wouldn’t run without some petrol. Not even out of its love for me. If it had some, It surely wouldn’t have broke down in the middle of the road. *&^%$#@!

At some shady place in the vicinity of Kormangala BDA complex. And the nearest petrol station was only 2 kms far away.
“Far? Not quite” thought I. Grave mistake.
And I so pushed and pushed and pushed. Trudged all along like a dog. With my shirt all wet, Hands numb and tingling, I arrive at the petrol station. WOW.. What a relief! The pump’s closed for good.

That’s when It came crashing down. Today’s Tuesday!!
Tuesdays are to me what Mondays are to Garfield.
Considering that I was born on a Tuesday. Well well well, Enough said already! *Wink* *Wink*

Case in point.
. . .

< Flashback >
Time: Earlier today.
Location: Office (1st floor to be exact)

My cubicle being at second floor, Me and my friend were getting back to work after chit-chatting with another friend of ours! Take the stairs, did we? C’mon. We are too good to take that way. We got into the lift. It arrived at second floor. The door started opening. It just started. Didn’t continue.. Just stopped short at that like it suddenly lost interest or something.
Okay.. There so was a power cut. And we stood there for 5 minutes hoping there’ll be enough oxygen ’til power’s back or someone pulls the door open. We thought maybe we should pull the door open.
Must not be too big a deal. For Hercules, maybe.
So we waited and waited for the power to return.
Mr. Power never came for a long time, though.

Meantime, I suggested we try “Open Sesame”. Who knows, Maybe the lift had a disaster control mechanism that required us to give it a password of sorts just for situations like this.
Nope. The doors wouldn’t budge.
And then my friend tried shouting at the doors, hoping it’d shatter to pieces getting us out to safety.
Truth be told, she does have that effect on people. 😛 😉
Whether its the unnatural levels of integrity of the doors Or just our sheer bad luck, I can’t tell for sure;
The doors didn’t open.

And we were running out of ideas.
Fortunately for us, that’s when the security guard came to our rescue.
Seems like all u had to do was to put ur hand in the gap between the doors and just give it a little push on either
< /Flashback >
. . .

And continuing our li’l story…

Home sweet home was another half-a-km away.

And so the drudge continued again. Halting at several places, calling friends and resting every 5 minutes or such.
And then it dawned on me. Just 50 metres away from home. I could have parked my baby pep at some place and gotten some petrol in a pet bottle or something. Its not just the hands that were numb, but the brain too!

Oh well. Some days, Everything just goes right. Oops, I mean *WRONG*!!