I lay awake in dream
As this little baby girl waves at me.
I smile back in reply.

A strange feeling.
I feel a connection.
Like I am related to her.
But I ain’t no father figure.
I am not even married yet.

“Mom”, She calls out.
I turn around.
To see this woman.
The only woman I had ever loved.

So, This is me then.
Me from the future.
I smile.
Truly. Happily. Contented.

Something seems amiss.
I ignore it.
Typical of me.

Every time I crystal gazed into her eyes
I never did ever see mine

Now, I see one.
Eyes that are next to hers.
Eyes.. that are not mine.

How disappointing!
Yet startlingly unsurprising!!!

It’s a dream.
It’s only a dream.
I can change it.
I hear myself telling.
I can change it.

My own mind refuses to yield.
A fact that I have come to accept,
Seems I cannot ever change it.
Not even in my dreams.
Not even in my ever-distant, isolated world.

Must awaken up
That’s my only hope.
That. And to never have this dream again.

‘Deja vu’, I hear someone cry out sharp.
Familiar, The voice seemed.
Deja vu, indeed!
I chuckled!!

The morning dew by the window hints me of the daybreak.
I try to open my eyes.
They are glued shut to my eyelids.

I guess I cried last night.