I used to be a feminist.
I mean, who wouldn’t like women? 😉
(Unless, O’course they’ve changed the meaning of feminism in the recent years :D)

It can happen, you know?!
I was perusing through Barron’s wordlists, as usual.

And an ordinary day just turned a little suckier as I encountered this –
I quote from Barron’s 23:2 [yeah, That’s wordlist 23, page 2 :P]

Husband(v) – Conserve, Spare, Save.
Husbandry(n) – Frugality, thrift.

I mean, what kind of a sexist denotation is that?!
I deeply resent it.

Husbands do much more than that.
Why not define it as
Husband(v) – Make love, (or even) Watch TV or Play video games all day
(or at least,)
Go out and earn?!

Boy(no pun intended), Just when you think men are finally making progress..
What a bummer!

TL;DR: I used to be a feminist. I no longer am.