I have been tagged.
Labelled. Like a lab-rat.
Much against my stymieing efforts.
As to those who are wondering what am I prattling about; This, and this is what I mean.

Long story short. Gurumaata has initiated a new activity, One that she believes will help us mere mortals know better about each other. The social networks after all, are so chock full of baloney and reek of egotistical trumpets.
As to the activity itself, All one has to do is write a blog post mentioning 7 things about himself/herself and tag 7 of their friends who are to follow suit.

What might seem like a “pyramid scheme” (it differs because you can tag anyone any number of times; otherwise all the same, all the same ;)) or even a chain letter of sorts at first, it might actually be a difficult thing to write. (Pavya didn’t mention that if I write this entry and tag 7 others, unexpected windfall might come my way or that I’ll find the love of my life; Neither did he imply that failing to comply would mean a bird would shit on my head in my own room or that I’d resign my job and sit at home for no apparent reason :D)

Nonetheless, To pen such a thing is challenging indeed. And boy, Do I love writing-challenges! (These 50 wordlist essays I have written are proof that I do :D)
Without further ado, Here are the 7 things about myself –

  1. I am a great Metallica fan. “Great” is an understatement but words fail me at this point of time. Anyways.. You get the point.
  2. I was very devout when I was young, going to every Mutt or ashram calling myself very spiritually inclined and all.
    I was also very naive. Hence followed the devoutness, I guess.
  3. I am now an atheist. Enough said.
  4. Nail polishes. I loooooove them. I always keep at least two shades of them with me. Alas, I cannot use them lest I be mocked. Growing up with two aunts and a not-so-old Grandma has its perks (read: side effects).  Yet, what bothers me most is that people are surprised when I tell them there are exclusive brands for men alone, In fact, no woman would use deep-black-no-gloss nail polish unless she’s a witch. So if they are still being sold at stores, who do you think are buying them?!
    That might be my dark secret, considering I prefer the darker shades. 😉
  5. I am very possessive about my belongings. I freak out whenever someone asks to borrow any of my stuff or uses them in my absence.
  6. I have this habit of rechristening all the closest of my people and insist on calling them by that very name much to their chagrin. I call my Grandma Bubbie, Pavya – Bankai. My friends would hunt me and burn my house down should I choose to reveal my names for them here.
  7. Either my parents considered themselves expert fashion designers or did these to me just to amuse themselves when they are bored, I can’t really tell. Whichever it is, They certainly had trouble understanding the term, “Keeping up with the times”. I had a plait (“juttu“) until first std., sprouting up atop my head like a water fountain I might as well have been christened “Fountainhead”. 😉 Then they got a picture of me dressed as Sri Krishna complete with a statuette of a cow in the background. To top it all, I was once drest in a khaki police attire for my fifth birthday complete with a lathi and a fully functional whistle and sent to my kindergarten class. Allegedly, It was I who was insistent on the police outfit although I seem to have no recollection of that.

Oh. And one more thing.. (Shame on all of you who couldn’t catch that meme :P)
Given that I am a Metallica fan, I couldn’t resist but writing this – [In honor of all those who made me go through this ordeal]

You labelled me
I’ll label you
So I dub thee unforgiven.

The Unforgiven, Metallica.

After all,

Tag : WordPress :: Label : Blogger

So, With the infinite wisdom vested in me,  I hereby tag thee all – Chetu, Ramya, Preeti, Shilpa, Pavya, Vim and Gurumaata (why should only we suffer? :P). 🙂
You may now rise..

And commence writing. 😉