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Can you beat that?


Turns out I was largely in demand this day.
This one Tuesday; This one bloody tuesday!

And I was a tad bit late making it to office at 11:30am. 😉
My manager had been looking for me the entire morning.
I learnt from my colleague soon after I reached.


Does this happen to you? As Often??


Sometimes, I get a little too paranoid.
Some other times, a little more excited than I normally should.
This unwarranted burst of extreme paranoia/mania subsides quickly though.
Perhaps this happens because I am a little (read: lot) self-centered.
Or maybe the whole issue is a bugbear of sorts that happens when my sub-conscience decides to take a little nap which, I figure happens quite a lot these days.
Maybe I am getting into a spiritual trance without my knowledge. 😀


Not my day today


Never knew my little scooty pep had so much against me until what it did to me today.
The poor thing just wouldn’t run without some petrol. Not even out of its love for me. If it had some, It surely wouldn’t have broke down in the middle of the road. *&^%$#@!

At some shady place in the vicinity of Kormangala BDA complex. And the nearest petrol station was only 2 kms far away.
“Far? Not quite” thought I. Grave mistake.
And I so pushed and pushed and pushed. Trudged all along like a dog. With my shirt all wet, Hands numb and tingling, I arrive at the petrol station. WOW.. What a relief! The pump’s closed for good.


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