Disclaimer: For those of you who still believe I am a nerd, I strongly suggest you might as well stop reading right here. If you perchance happen to read and ask me rhetorical questions about it, I’ll vehemently deny everything I say in this blog. Needless to say, I am not good at arguments, especially when it comes to the losing part. 😛

It all started at National High School.
A place where I first saw myself as this sanskrit verse depicts –

यदा किञ्चिज्ञोहं द्विप इव मदान्द: समभवं
तदा सर्वज्ञोस्मीत्यभवदलिप्तं मम मन: |
यदा किञ्चित् किञ्चित्  बुदजन सकाशादवगतं
तदा मूर्खोस्मीति ज्वरैव मदोमे व्यपगत: ||

(I’ll leave it to the reader to google if it was beyond comprehension)