And so the other day at office, I was bored to half-death.
I so surmised I’ll complete the ordeal and Shilly being the most communicative in our group (yes, that’s my euphemism for chatter-box :P) offered to narrate me a story.
I nod-nod-nodded.

Such grave a mistake!
In about a short while after that, all of my seven horcruxes were screeching in pain realizing, albeit a little too late, that they walked right into an Abilene paradox.

But what story?
We concurred on the ‘Little Red Riding Hood‘ story.

This was what she narrated verbatim –

“Long long time ago there lived a cute little girl named Little Red Riding Hood.
This girl walks through the forest everyday to deliver fruits to her bed-ridden grandmother.
One of these days, she happens to meet a wolf en route her daily errand.
The wolf wanting to eat the girl, strikes a conversation with the little lady and during the course of the conversation asks her whereto she is going.
Upon learning the girl’s purpose, He figures He now can eat the little girl as well as her grandmother.
And with cunningness typical of all wolves, He hatches a plan.
He tells the little lady that He knows the forest pretty well and He happens to know a shortcut to the grandmother’s place. Seeing the little girl fall for this, He gives her the longest possible route to the grandmother’s place.
After making sure the girl left along the longer route, He hurries towards the grandmother’s hut.
He knocks on the door and upon asked who it was, He replies it’s her granddaughter.
The grandmother doesn’t suspect a thing and opens a door and..
The wolf swallows the grandmother.
A short while later, the little girl finally makes it to the place.
The girl gets in to give her grandmother the fruits only to be swallowed alive like her grandmother.”


I was listening all the more intently hoping she’d resume her narration anytime.
Nope. It took me a few minutes to understand that she has stopped altogether. Stopped. Not paused.

I was totally flabbergasted!
Now which children’s story is known to end like that??!
I ask her shouldn’t bedtime stories have happily-ever-after endings?!
She says, ‘I thought it was sandman and monster kinda stories to scare little children’.

Lucky I didn’t ask her to narrate Ramayanam or smthng.
She might have stopped the story right after the part where Ravana abducts Sita.
She might even have gone upto tagging a moral to it, something along the lines of ‘Nice guys finish last’.

So kids,
Don’t let this happen to u. It does pay to listen. 😀

I won’t live to hear another story, will I? 😀