A short story I read off a tamil magazine, Kumudam, long time back;
Thought I’d share it.

A crude translation of the same follows thus –

“There’s this archaeologist who in the midst of an errand gets lost in the woods and is promptly found by a group of man-eating tribals. These cannibals tie him up and yes, you guessed it, put him in a big vessel of some concoction, light the firewoods and start cooking him alive. The archaelogist realizes there’s pretty much nothing he can do to talk this over or anything, ’cause he figures they might not be not knowing English anyways. He so starts swearing and yelling in utter despair.

This catches the attention of a tribal bystander who steps forward and politely asks him to quit whining and stay put. The archaelogist’s flabbergasted, not by the coldness of the guy but by the fluent and impeccable English he spoke with.
He then strikes a little conversation with the bloke and learns that He’s a graduate from one of the top institutes in the world; And that it was not just him, but most of the members of his tribes were highly learnt.

The archaeologist wonders how could these people be such, so back in time, so crude; These highly learnt men.
He so questions the tribal about it and asks how could they be so learnt, yet so uncivilized and barbaric.
To which the tribal replies, rather angrily –
‘Says who we are uncivilized? We now use forks and spoons to eat!'”

Now that’s about as pointless a story can get! Doesn’t offer much to even qualify as a PJ; Only a li’l shade of sarcasm.
One can squeeze a moral out of it, if he will.. something about perspectives differ and stuff.
I, however, shalt not attempt to do so. I leave it to the reader to derive any sense/moral out of it.
As to me, This one seemed to be an appreciable attempt at unconventional story-telling. Full points to the writer.